Effects of low immunity on the human body:
Immunity is manifested by the body's vulnerability to infection or cancer.
· Excessive immunity can also have harmful effects on the body, such as triggering allergic reactions and autoimmune diseases.
· Often suffers from illness and aggravates the body's consumption, so it usually has weak constitution, malnutrition, mental wasting, and fatigue.
· Appetite loss, sleep disturbance and other symptoms, sickness, injections and medicine become commonplace.
· It takes a long time to recover from each illness and often recurs.
· In the long run, it can lead to physical and mental dysplasia, and it is easy to induce major diseases.
What are the symptoms of immune dysfunction:
When the body's immune function is dysfunctional or the immune system is not healthy, the following problems occur repeatedly:
Repeated colds, recurrent tonsillitis, recurrent asthma, recurrent bronchitis, recurrent pneumonia, and recurrent diarrhea.

Published : 17-Mar-2020

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